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From an early age I started  drawing my own characters, creating stories about

magical creatures and I enjoyed reading all sorts of children books. Since then I

have graduated in Modern Languages, I have travelled to other side

of the world and I have never stopped creating stories for children, illustrating

them with new characters influenced by my love of wonder, emotions belonging

and adventure.

My passion for illustration started for the very first time when I went with my

parents  to a " Children's Book Fair". My house was full of picture

books for me to read at all times.

I mainly create my illustrations with a mix of traditional watercolour painting

and digital compositing, with nature, animals and children being my favourite

subjects. Since I have been working in the English as a Foreign Language

Teaching sector for many years, I have often written and illustrated my own

children's fun-learning materials.

I   find  my inspiration by looking for new ideas for my  original   artwork daily,  

visiting   Greeting     Card     Stores, Bookshops, Museums  and traveling around Europe.  

My work is   based on   communicating    feelings,  and seeing   the   world     through   my interpretation of life. 

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